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Starr Publications

Starr Publications is a ministry of Dr. Randy Starr, Evangelist.

Randy’s Testimony
In 1960 at the age of 8, I received Christ as Savior at a camp in Hillsdale MI. 13 years later as my wife and I were praying-in the new year, on January 1, 1973, I sensed the Lord’s leading to preach His Word. I asked Him for a Scriptural confirmation and immediately saw 1 Thess. 5:24, “Faithful is he that calleth you, who also will do it.” In July 1975, we moved to Clyde OH where for 14+ years I served alongside Pastor James Lewis in many positions including Assistant Pastor, School Principal, Youth Pastor, and Radio Station Manager. I spent one year in another ministry as a Learning Center supervisor and College Academic Dean in Conneaut, OH in 1980-81. In 1990, Mt. Zion Baptist Church called me as the sixth pastor in their thirty-one year history. I served as their pastor until the Fall of 2013 when we launched into a full-time evangelistic ministry across America and Canada.

Shirley’s Testimony
My mother always told me I went forward as a five year old child to receive Christ. I could not remember doing that. However, I did remember being under great conviction and going forward at the age of nine, but no one dealt with me about salvation. So, for years I doubted my salvation and would cry at night, wondering if I was really saved. When others gave their testimonies and could point to an actual date of their salvation, I would become upset because I could not remember my new-birth date. Satan constantly used this tactic to trouble me. In 1980, as young married adults, we attended a special meeting where the speaker dealt with doubting your salvation. I decided to end the torment that evening and received the full assurance of my salvation. I have not doubted since that time.

Our Family
God has given us three children, all serving the Lord in Independent Baptist churches. Chris, our pastor, and his wife, Jenny, have three children. Heidi and her husband, Dan, serve in an independent Baptist Church. Marcia and her husband, Bill, who are missionaries to the Philippines, have two children.

Our Education
In 1973, Randy graduated from Bowling Green State University with a BS in Education–a double major in Mathematics and Geography. In 1980, he finished his Master’s Degree from Bob Jones University. He took one course toward his Doctorate from Detroit Theological Seminary. In 2013. Fairhaven Baptist College conferred on him an honorary Doctor’s of Divinity Degree. Randy also has completed the Black Law’s Paralegal course, the Ham Radio operator’s course, and several courses on Biblical Counseling from BJU.

In 1972, Shirley completed the three year Registered Nursing course from Toledo Hospital School of Nursing and passed her boards. Her license is still current as she takes continuing education units. In 1980, she passed 25 credits, mostly in Bible and Education, toward her Bachelor’s degree (from now defunct Ohio Bible College, Conneaut OH).

Our Hobbies
In our spare time, Shirley and I love reading, good music, writing, hiking, 4WDing, playing disc golf, and working puzzles.

Suggested Types of Meetings
Our 3-fold goal is found in Ephesians 4:11-12: To Evangelize, Edify, and Equip.
Therefore, with our background, training, experience, and goals, we can assist a local church by:

All Day services or Single services
Pulpit fill
Speaking on Special Days
Bible Conferences; Missions Conferences
Family Camps & Couples’ Retreats
Family Emphasis Week or weekend
Thematic preaching on most any topic, esp. Family training, The End Time Events, Pentecostalism, The Church, Great Doctrines, Discipleship, Separation, Finances & Budget, etc.

They can train men, women, parents, workers, Sunday School teachers, and Christian School students and teachers.
Randy can preach in the chapels of Christian schools and colleges.
Shirley can speak at ladies’ meetings or mother-daughter banquets in churches where Randy is preaching.
Often, the Pastor asks us to come for Shirley to speak to ladies at a Sat. luncheon or a split ladies’ Sunday School class
while Randy is teaching the men.

Pastor, if you have a special need, feel free to contact us to discuss booking a meeting.



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