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Faith PromiseEvery October, Mt. Zion Baptist Church pours hours of prayer, planning, and preparation to host its Annual Missionary Conference. This special time of year focuses our hearts on the Great Commission and reaching the world for Christ. Missionaries from various countries join us for this special week to share with our church their burden for their country and what God is doing through them on the mission field. Special opportunities to visit and fellowship with the missionaries abound during this special week! Since missions is God’s heartbeat, we work to keep it the priority at Mt. Zion Baptist Church.
Bible AssemblyOne of the unique ministries at Mt. Zion Baptist Church is Bible Assembly where people who attend Mt. Zion join together on Monday nights @ 6:30pm and Wednesday mornings @ 10am to assemble John/Romans portions of Scripture in all kinds of different languages.
Each week thousands of Scripture portions are assembled and prepared for shipment around the world. We believe that God’s Word will not return void as the Scripture states.
Isaiah 55:11
So shall my word be that goeth forth out of my mouth: it shall not return unto me void, but it shall accomplish that which I please, and it shall prosper in the thing whereto I sent it.
Bus MinistryJesus said, “Suffer the little children to come unto me” declaring his care and love for children. Each Sunday we pick up children in the Delta, Red Lion, and Windsor areas and bring them to church. As with all of our children’s ministries, backgrounds checks are run on each worker to help provide a qualified staff to care for the needs of the children while under our care. If you are interested in more information regarding the bus picking up your children, please feel free to call us @ (717) 927-9227 or click here to fill out a registration form which can be mailed to us.
We have dedicated, trained, Godly teachers, many of whom have taught their respective classes for as long as 20 years. Hours are spent in study and prayer each week before presenting God’s truths to the students. Their faithfulness to this ministry is bearing fruit in the lives of many of the young married couples now in attendance.
Sunday School hour is a special time of learning made available at Mt. Zion. All are welcome.
TIME: 9:30am – 10:15am
AGE(S): Nursery
2-3 Year Olds
4-5 Year Olds
6-7 Year Olds
8-9 Year Olds
10-11 Year Olds
12-14 Year Olds
15-Graduation Year Olds
Graduates and above attend the adult Sunday School.
Do you have children between age 4 and Grade 6? Do you want them to know more about the Bible? Master’s Club is a children’s ministry that meets every Wednesday night from 7:30pm – 8:45pm from September through April.
Our Motto is Believing, Obeying, and Serving.
Believing on God’s Son; Obeying God’s Holy Word, Serving in God’s House
We have book time, game time, teaching time, and plenty of activities geared to teach the children the Bible at their level. Learning can be fun, and we will make sure that there is a balance.
VBS is a yearly event at Mt. Zion . This special event, usually held in the 2nd or 3rd week of July, is an attempt to teach children about the Bible and the Lord Jesus Christ. With daily activities such as Bible lessons, crafts, snacks and more, we strive to make each day memorable for attendees.
H.E.A.R.T. (Home Education and Righteous Training)
The purpose of H.E.A.R.T. is for the church to play it’s proper role as a support to parents educating their children by providing extra classes, parent meetings, and extra-curricular activities that children would not be able to get in most homeschool settings. Our overall goal is to aid in the raising of righteous children.
H.E.A.R.T. offers encouragement and ideas for families on how to become more efficient, while providing training tools for them at home. It gives the family an opportunity to be around other families who are trying to raise godly children. We currently have nearly 25 homeschooling families.
This program consists of 2 semesters each year providing 3 classes for each different age group. For the students, it provides a classroom setting where they get experience in taking notes, interaction in class, and deadlines by a teacher outside their home. They benefit from enjoying extra-curricular activities as well such as field trips, science fairs, graduations, and a music concert every year. It is designed to help each student have the opportunity to learn balance in his life.
Master ClubsWednesday Night Children’s Ministry
Most families looking for a church are looking for a church that is child friendly. At Mt. Zion, while there are many opportunities for children, our Master Club program on Wednesday nights @ 7:30, is a wonderful opportunity for your children (K4 – 6th grade) to join a club where they learn the Word of God, work through character building workbooks, get a vest and earn badges, and get individual attention from qualified, well-trained adults each week. Often it only takes a child one visit to Master’s Club, and they can’t wait to return.
Mt. Zion Baptist Church believes in reaching the world with the Gospel of Jesus Christ. We support this effort through faith promise giving to over fify-five missionaries around the world. Through our continued prayers and financial giving, we are blessed to hear of souls being saved and like-minded churches being planted. Our missions philosophy is to reproduce who we are. Therefore, we only accept missionaries who stand for sound Bible doctrine, the King James Bible, and the same standards in music and dress.
Mt. Zion Baptist Church faithfully sings the old hymns of the faith. We reject CCM and worship team music. Once a month we begin our service ten minutes early to allow “favorites” to be selected by members of the congregation during our church “sing along!”
God created music as part of worship. Mt. Zion is blessed to have a church choir of about 40 voices and an Orchestra that contributes to the atmosphere of glorifying God through godly music. Our music also ministers to its listeners through a distinctively Christian sound which is both a blessing and a catalyst to point others to Jesus. Choir rehearsals are conducted at 5:00 pm each Sunday, followed by the Orchestra at 6:00 pm.
Our teen hand chimes choir meets every Wednesday night before church to practice. The choir stays busy playing at times in our services, nursing homes, and at our annual mall sing each year. Each time they play it is a real treat to those who get to hear them.
The purpose of both choirs is to fill the hearts and minds of our children with Christ honoring music, teach children truths of the Bible through song, and to teach children what type of music honors God.
We sing during Sunday evening service once every 3 months and occasionally sing at one of our local nursing home ministries. We also have an annual Christmas Program in early December.
Too often, the elderly of this nation are forgotten. In light of this fact, we of the Mt. Zion Baptist Church Nursing Home Ministry seek to care for the souls of this forgotten group in our society by addressing their spiritual and emotional needs.
We accomplish this by the preaching and teaching of God’s Holy Word, congregational singing, and through God-honoring special music. The residents’ needs are also addressed by developing friendships that seek to proclaim the Gospel to the lost and encourage the saved to maintain a closer walk with God.
TIME: 2nd SUNDAY of each month at 1:30pm
LOCATION: Manor Care Nursing Home, 100 W. Queen, Dallastown
TIME: 4th & 5th SUNDAY of each month at 1:30pm
LOCATION: Victorian Villa Nursing Home, 623 E. Main, Dallastown
Operation Saturation is a visitation program that meets two Saturdays each month for 2 hours to make a variety of calls such as follow-ups, door-to-door visits, new move-ins, nursing homes, shut-ins, etc. The ultimate goals are to win the lost to Christ, encourage folks to attend church, and disciple new believers.
“I was in prison, and ye came unto me.” (Matt. 25:36). Our men have the opportunity to reach others with the Gospel.
TIME: 4th MONDAY of each month at 6:45pm
LOCATION: York County Prison
WOEL-FM 89.9
BROADCAST TIMES for the Mt. Zion Pulpit Broadcast
Tuesdays & Thursdays at 11:30am.
The Ambassadors, for age 55 and up, meets every second Tuesday of the month. Outings and times for fellowship at church members’ homes are planned throughout the year. The Ambassadors are active in church ministries such as special music and Bible Assembly.
The purpose of the Audio Ministry is to share the preached Word of God with the hurting, weary, spiritually blinded, and spiritually hungry souls who need enlightened, fed and encouraged. Our purpose is also to encourage over 55 missionaries to help them “keep on keeping on.” Orders for CDs are filled weekly. FREE give away CDs are vailable in the Church foyer. We give many CDs away on visitation. We duplicate CDs/DVDs for the choirs, cantata, ladies classes, and camp ministry on request. We also edit and file CDs for the radio ministry.
CDs/DVDs circulate among church folks, Sunday School teachers, shut-ins, missionaries, handicapped, unsaved relatives, U.S. pastors and national pastors. We duplicate CDs/DVDs for the choirs, cantata, ladies class, and camp ministry on request.
We edit and file CDs/DVDs for the radio ministry. We occasionally fill radio and mail requests. Missionaries on deputation love going into our supply boxes to take along CDs “for the road.”
The Audio Ministry exists to benefit anyone and any age group who desires to listen to a recorded church service. To enjoy the benefits of a service, contact the Mt. Zion Audio Ministry. We have CDs of various topics from the Bible.
Let us know how we can serve you.
Mt. Zion Baptist Church has a vibrant singles group that meets for fun, fellowship, and service. Mt. Zion is dedicated to equipping young men and woman to reach their world for Christ and have an active part in the church.
The camp exists today as a local church ministry of Mt. Zion Baptist Church and cooperates with many other like-minded churches to aid juniors and teens alike in taking their next step in their spiritual life. Guest speakers are brought in each year both for juniors and teens to preach and apply the Word of God right where they live. With 2 chapels each day, cabin devotions, prayer meetings, and a time set aside for personal devotions each day, each camper benefits from the spiritual focus. Spiritual decisions abound through this ministry.
On the beautiful 34-acre campus of Penn Grove Retreat located in Hanover, PA, juniors (Ages 9-11) and teens (Ages 12-18) alike enjoy the excitement and variety of activities such as swimming, miniature golf, paintball, sand volleyball, basketball, rifle range, archery range, a huge game room, and special activities are designed for team competitions. Off-campus activities during the week may include canoeing, go-carting, bowling, rollerskating, the local YMCA, or gymnasium activities. Clean, Christian fun is a priority at MZBC Camp!!!
TNT is a program started by Pastor Randy Starr in February 2003 to train men and women to win souls to Christ. Our vision is that all believers, including youth, would have a way to learn contact evangelism and how to win people to Christ.
The TNT stands for the dynamite power of the Holy Spirit.
The training is intense, but nothing short of that will accomplish the task of training believers for this all-important work. The classes are 12 weeks long and involve a one hour weekly meeting, listening to an audio tape, reading 30 pages in a book(s), reading the Bible, memorizing one verse per week, and two hours of door-to-door visitation.
Vacation Bible SchoolEach year in July, we host a week of Vacation Bible School for our community. This week is always a highlight of our year. Buses and vans come in filled with children and teens alike in for a fun-filled week where we provide daily classes Monday-Friday for K4 – Sr. High. Others bring their children in and get a chance to see our daily program in action.
A day at VBS in the summer includes singing, Bible lessons, skits, a missionary minute, games, mixers, prizes, and snacks. Each year our VBS ends with a closing program on Sunday night where parents are invited to see what their children learned throughout the week and enjoy a time of refreshment and fellowship.
Attention Teens! Are you bored and looking for a change? Something that will challenge you? Come try out our ‘Teen Time’ where you will be befriended by other teenagers, challenged to have a vibrant relationship with Jesus Christ and find out Biblical responses to the current issues you face.
At Mt. Zion, teens are a primary part of our ministry. From our weekly meetings to our quarterly “Teen Afterglows” to our monthly activities, we diligently work at focusing young people’s energies on knowing God and serving him. Teens at Mt. Zion have many ways in which to serve the Lord such as: soulwinning, youth-led services, and Teen Leadership in Training.
Summer for teens at Mt. Zion means lots of fun at our annual church camp, and our weeklong summer teen rally. Every three years our church youth group takes a missions trip, make a college trip, and attend a national youth conference. Amidst all the activities prepared for teens at Mt. Zion, it is balanced with strong preaching that is geared right where teenagers live. TIME: WEDNESDAYS 7:30pm – 8:45pm
AGE(S): 12-18 years old or 7th-12th Grade